Which is superior, an automatic transmission or a manual one? This is a question our Hyundai dealers at Van Horn Hyundai of Sheboygan get asked a lot, and surprisingly enough it’s a question with a multi-faceted answer.

Manual versus automatic is an ancient debate amongst drivers. While some tout the performance and fuel efficiency of manual transmissions, others are strong advocates for the ease and seamlessness that automatic transmissions bring to the table.

Before we delve into the details its important to know the purpose of the transmission in the first place. Your transmission is designed to transfer a particular amount of power from the engine to the wheels and to switch gears accordingly. Manual transmissions require driver input to change gears while automatic transmissions do so on their own.

Manual transmission vehicles tend to burn less gas than automatics. In the same way, manual transmissions often include more gear options and require far less maintenance than their automated competitors. That said, manual transmissions require more day to day work when you drive in that you have to constantly be aware of the accelerator, clutch, and shifter while behind the wheel. Automatic transmissions make driving a car simpler by reducing it to the basics.

So, which is better? While some may claim that automatic is better than manual and vice versa, the truth of the matter is it all depends on your own driving preferences. Do you prefer to feel the shift of each gear, or do you want your ride to be as easy as possible? No matter what your answer is, our Hyundai service experts at Van Horn Hyundai of Sheboygan are more than willing to go into greater depth of what sets these two transmission types apart and can help you find the version that works best for you.