Hyundai may make some great cars but like all other cars, every Hyundai model is going to need an oil change at some point or another. At Van Horn Hyundai of Sheboygan, we host a Hyundai service department that understands the ins and outs of oil changes and can help you stay on top of this important form of maintenance.

You may have heard it before: ‘You have to get your oil changed on a regular basis.’ Anyone who’s said this understands one of the most important aspects of auto maintenance. The motor oil that runs through your engine is more than just a lubricant, it helps reduce the friction and heat caused by friction in your engine; both of which are incredibly damaging to your engine’s components.

There are different grades and types of motor oil, each of which is specifically designed to operate with a specific purpose in mind. That said, no matter what kind of motor oil you have in your car, and no matter what engine hums beneath your hood, you’ll want to get your motor oil changed once every 5,000 miles. Motor oil accumulates grime over time, this grime can cause that same friction and heat that motor oil is intended to prevent. By getting your motor oil changed out for a cleaner ‘grime-free’ batch you can avoid imposing excess harm on your engine.

When you visit our Plymouth, WI area Hyundai dealership, you can expect to receive an oil change from Hyundai experts. Van Horn Hyundai of Sheboygan is known for more than fantastic vehicles, but superb maintenance expertise that you can use to ensure the health of your engine.