Your tires are crucial to a fulfilling driving experience, whether that means a Hyundai Kona or a Hyundai Palisade. For that reason, our Hyundai service team at Van Horn Hyundai of Sheboygan stresses the importance of tire care, particularly tire rotations.

Like many other parts in your vehicle, your tires are bound to wear down eventually, no matter what you do. So, you should focus on making sure they’re wearing down evenly. Tires that are unevenly worn can make it practically impossible to maintain traction with the road, and cause you to risk a potential flat.

So, how do you make sure your tires wear down evenly? The answer is tire rotations. Tire rotations are a pretty simple form of tire care that helps you avoid uneven tire wear. In a tire rotation, one of our auto mechanics will simply change the position of your tires, moving the front tires to the back, the front to the back, or switching the left to the right. By rotating your tires you can make sure you continue to enjoy balanced handling, particularly when road conditions are at their worst.

How often do you receive a tire rotation? Well, auto experts recommend that drivers rotate their tires once every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles. In doing so, you can ensure proper tire health, and make your tires last as long as possible without posing a risk to traction loss or popping a flat.

Tire rotations are complicated, and shouldn’t be done on your own; that’s where we come in. Van Horn Hyundai of Sheboygan is one of the few Plymouth area car dealerships that puts customer service up front and center. We strive to be the very best in what we do in all that we do, so you can walk away feeling 100% satisfied.